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MOT testing is a legal requirement for cars 3 years and over, here at SB Autos Leek, we pride ourselves on both quality of service and customer relationship.

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We specialise in MOT testing and offer very competitive repair prices for any vehicle, should it fail their MOT test.

Remember, without a valid MOT test certificate, your car’s road tax and insurance become totally invalid.


Is your clutch slipping or just a bit of a judder, either way, it sounds as though it’s on it’s way out.

Let us fit you a new clutch from one of our leading European manufacturers and also at a price that will not break the bank.


Todays high tech engines need the latest diagnostic equipment to easily and quickly track down the faults.

This in turn, cuts down on the time and costs for our customers which is a crucial part of our customer service.


Wheel alignment is crucial in more ways than one. Not only for safety reasons but also for your pocket.

Bad alignment could cost you ££’s due to poor tyre wear and extra fuel costs.

Let us check the alignments for you.


Why not treat your car to a full valet.

Your car speaks volumes about yourself, it not only looks good but could even add a few £’s here and there should you be thinking of selling.

A dirty car says “Nothing”


An oil change is paramount when considering care of your engine.

Over time, your engine starts to lose its ability to lubricate your engine internal components causing friction of moving parts and an inevitable engine failure.


A service provided by a professional is the best way to maintain fuel efficiency and will also make your car safer and more reliable.

Also, a vehicle with a full service history could add ££’s to your sale when you come to buy a new car.